TESTCARD is a programme of artists moving-image that takes the format of a 24-hour TV variety show that includes a combination of live and pre-recorded material which draws on the history of radical and public broadcasting, open publishing, and transmission.

The first TESTCARD event takes the model of mid-late 1990’s and early 2000s popular TV variety programmes like ‘MTV’, ‘Diggit’, ‘TV with Ray Cathode’ and ‘Live and Kicking’, to create a single event that counters the culture of on demand and steamed content and engage in the history of artists' DIY broadcasting and transmission projects including TVX/London Art Lab, Paper Tiger TV, Radio Anti and Convex TV. TESTCARD’s programme includes new and existing works and events that reflect, critique, and disrupt standard forms of news, chat show, nature films, game shows, ad-breaks, cooking, and comedy shows to focus instead on collective viewing.

Frank Abbott • Larry Achiampong • Francis Alÿs • Mike Brooks • Dara Birnbaum • Jim Brouwer • Lucy Clout • James Patrick Cox • Disinformation • Michelle Doyle • Benedict Drew • Sam Dolbear • Pete Ellis • Susan Finlay • Nicolas Helm-Grovas • Katie Hare • Tom Harris • Evan Ifekoya • Anneke Kampman • Sooyon Kim • Tom Klinkowstein • Leslie Lawrence • Rebecca Lee • Esther Leslie • Alison Lloyd • Mary Maggic • Eva Richardson McCrea • Eleanor Morgan • Hugh Nicholson • Cóilín O'Connell • Hardeep Pandhal • Vaishali Prazmari • Sahej Rahal • Reactor • Benedict Seymour • Nastassja Simensky • Sophia Simensky • Geraldine Snell • David Steans • Korallia Stergides • Rhea Storr • Roger Suckling • Richard Whitby