Four Decades of Selling Time, 2019

Four Decades of Selling Time

Performance, HD video, text.

Originally presented as part of an evening of performances (Experiments in Standard Time) hosted in parallel with the solo exhibition Labour’s Own Sounding Ideal at Pump House Gallery, Four Decades of Selling Time consists of a live spoken-word performance with video and sound (originally performed with Lucy Duncombe). A montage of four decades of time folded into two timelines or playlists. In one, an inventory of dates and titles – both personal and historical – are listed; in the other, the shifting meters of everyday life are performatively described. Against this, four metronomes (80, 90, 100 and 1000 beats per minute) structure a montage of clips taken from music videos, adverts and news broadcasts.

Presented as part of Labour’s Own Sounding Ideal, Pump House Gallery, London.

[23 January – 31 March 2019]