Ella, 2021


HD video with sound, 11" 23"

Ella takes the form of a monologue performed by the actor Ella Greenwood at Somerset House in 2020.

A mid-size auditorium. A blue/grey screen projects in 1080 by 1920 resolution. Its artificial light casts across the entire space. Ella wears a gators sweatshirt and stands in-front of the screen. She reads from a white 2011 iPad mini attached to a strange prosthetic-like device. The device allows her to read and recall a lengthy stream of text whilst free to move and gesticulate with her hands. Her gestures conjure TED-talks, her speech, the language of devices. The rigged seating of the auditorium is populated with a small audience of family and friends.

Credits: Ella Greenwood (actor), Ossi Jalkanen (camera)