A Public Library of and for Listening, 2017

A Public Library of and for Listening.

Group Exhibition

A project with Anneke Kampman and Cannach MacBride. An informal listening and recording space where a range of experiences and encounters can take place that together create an open resource of different forms of knowledge around listening. With contributions from Amelia Bywater and Rebecca Wilcox, Ash Reid and Liene Rozite, Claudia Firth and Lucia Farinati, Eothen Stearn, Lila Matsumoto, madewithmaud (with Kerstin Schrödinger and Collective Text, Isabelle Sully, Angelica Falkeling, and Rebecca Wilcox), Marie Thompson, Mark Briggs, Rachel Aggs, Calum Stirling and Rob Kennedy, Rob Kennedy and Jess Worrall and others. Visitors are welcome to come by for a chat with the artists, to interact with or use the resources at any time, and to add to the collected materials.

Presented as part of Glasgow International Festival.

[20 April – 07 May 2017]